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The Nutcase, in a Nutshell

The Brain Ticketh over...

About me:

I'm wife to the wonderful afromann, and mother to the gorgeous Elizabeth, and servant to two cats, Iset and Fez.
I spend my days playing with and looking after my baby, studying accounting, cross-stitching, sewing clothes, doing online surveys for pocket money, reading and trying to improve myself. I've also recently become an independant PartyLite consultant, so if you love candles, talk to me!

I think life really can be wonderful. Some days I just feel so happy and positive! I've been diagnosed with mental problems, but I don't let them define me anymore. I like feeling good. I like seeing other people feeling good.

I'm 25, and I've achieved all three of my major life goals: marriage, family, buying a house. Time for some new life goals! I suppose paying off the house will be one of them. Being more positive will be another!

My beliefs and values seem to fluctuate a lot, but one thing I really believe right now is that life is better without unnecessary negativity. Choose to be happy, and you will be! I'm learning this at the moment. It doesn't come instantly, but I can feel it happening!

Serenia's Dragons
Collecting dragons is addictive!

Lindsay Field is love liquid chocolate.

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